Our App Development Services

We design, we code, and we test.
Besides engaging independently in design, code, and test,
our alpha geeks work as an absolute technical team on full-project lifecycles. .


Web App Development

Our web development process is marked with a robust, scalable architecture that delivers high performance with ease of management without compromising security.


Mobile App Development

Delight your users with a top-of-the-line Android, iOS app. Working on Android and iOS platform to design highly intuitive UX/UI that delivers outstanding performance.


Custom Software Development

Highly enriched and optimized software development process over the years. Our team follows a predictable design life cycle that minimizes risk and cut costs.

Case Studies

Rabies Surveillance and Control App for a Renowned NGO

Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rabies Surveillance App was built with a mission to eradicate the viral disease that kills tens of thousands a year.

We helped our clients build a surveillance and control system that could remotely assign tasks to their geographically distributed teams, manage their vaccination records, and roll out post-vaccination programs.

Considering the diverse geographic locations and large data set, we anticipated three major challenges:
(1) UX Design that could withstand high contrast environments
(2) Data Integrity from a sea of mobile devices
(3) Low Internet Connectivity in remote locations

We analysed during user research the environments in which the app was to be used and imbibed with the following features:
(1) Dashboards built with  PowerBI for quick decision
(2) For quick data generation we used hash indexes and multi-az database.
(3) Admin panel for task management,

Sentiment-based Portfolio Management System for a Dallas-based FinTech Company

Our client conceptualised a Portfolio Management System to help them make decisions off the latest market sentiment and financial news.

In response, we devised an advanced search tool which:
(1) Prevented information overload
(2) Generated reports and data analytics, and
(3) Discovered and displayed critical updates.

Keeping in mind the large data set and a personalized information lay out, we encountered three key challenges:
(1) Building chart displays with 3D JavaScript libraries for minimal visual processing
(2) Creating different pages for history, real-time states, and mergers
(3) Technological scalability

We planned the project on Agile Development methodology to cover and test out all complexities within the set timeframe. The tasks included:
(1) Integration of node.js, express.js, and backbone.js for high performance
(2) Pushed data using Socket, node.js, express.js, and three.js for 3D charts.
(3) Integrating node.js to channel the flow of real-time information.

Break Up App (iOS & Android)  A 30-day Guide for the Heartbroken

The Breakup App was for the heartbroken individuals to help them move on, ideated by a therapeutic industry leader in Dallas, Texas.

We began with revamping their iOS and Android apps into a stylish and secure 30-day guide, which included:
(1) Specific lists of reminders
(2) Techniques to identify self-sabotaging patterns
(3) Push alerts

Further, two major complications that plagued the app needed go away with are:
(1) The existing filters were not operational, so we needed some other solution
(2) The chances of app malfunction were high with the traditional architecture.

Once again, the Scrum-Agile method was bought on the table. Following were the tasks:
(1) Building custom filters using inbuilt Android filters and native C++
(2) Implementing cache management and building server queues for request handling
(3) Eliminating unnecessary architectural layers to reduce risk, security, and technical debt
(4) Testing codebase, performance and usability issues

Custom Transportation Management System for a Premium Logistics Solution Provider

The Transportation Management System (TMS) was proposed by a premier shipping company to automate their workflow, which included:
(1) Creation and dispatch of shipments
(2) Data tracking for compliance
(3) Supply Chain Management
(4) Shipment cost optimization

We were tasked to create a customised solution that would:
(1) Optimize the costs for shipping services, and
(2) Simplify the administration of complex supply chain requirement.

Initial steps of devising the solution involved crafting and testing different UI workouts to stamp out potential problems. Once this was taken care of, we went on to:
(1) Eliminate the need for email, post, or fax by integrating EDI with the TMS
(2) Bifurcate Route and Logistic providers to optimize costs and on-time delivery
(3) Automate shipment request distribution via email to logistics providers
(4) Build incorruptible MySQL databases to track and record activities.

Clients About Us

Purple Olive Labs was quick to distinguish our pain points and elaborate on the solutions. We received prompt support from their project manager who guided us through PowerBI, increasing our efficiency manifold.

CEO,Nobert Barnes
Rabbies App

Purple Olive Labs team was highly responsive and acted promptly to feedbacks. The final product was delivered quickly and early users found it easy to navigate.

CEO, Clarence Wood
Sentiment based portfolio management

Purple Olive Labs laced our product with the best available technology and designed it with a finesse that, frankly, took us by surprise. Also, all project meetings and product-related correspondence were facilitated without any speed bumps.

CEO, Mason Rodriguez
Transport Managment system

We hired Purple Olive Labs with a uncompromising deadline and received an incredible, round-the-clock assistance by the team. We’re impressed with the design and build for both iOS and Android apps.

CEO, Dean Holcomb,
Break up App

The app development met our expectations. Purple Olive Labs worked efficiently, continuously providing updated products on two-week sprints and managing bugs. They effectively brought colleagues together for joint planning, review, and troubleshooting and the whole team was open and communicative.

CEO, Ronald Blanco

The app was well optimised, with users noticing faster screen loading times. Purple Olive Labs expert team inspires confidence throughout the project by communicating clearly from the start.

CEO, Christopher Martinez

Technology We work on

With the changing trends, our developers keep an eye on each industry movements, their requirements and adapt them accordingly with the use of latest technologies. It helps them deliver the best solution with client satisfaction.

We mould technologies to make your business grow, keeping in mind the simplicity to make you understand easily.


iOS development requires long hands-on experience working with both Objective-C and Swift. We understand this and therefore deploy some of the core developers for the job. Along with these core skills, our app developers also engage working with iOS SDK, CocoaTouch, Core Data, Core Animation, Location Services, UIKit, and many more tools.


With Java being the latest in trend, our app developers also expertise in Kotlin. We use Android SDK, EclipseIDE, Volley, Gradle, Logcat, UIAutomator, and powerful API’s to achieve the best performance. With many developers around the world building Android apps, we stand ahead in terms of app scaling, its diverse geographical adaptability, and slow connectivity issues.


With Java being the latest in trend, our app developers also expertise in Kotlin. We use Android SDK, EclipseIDE, Volley, Gradle, Logcat, UIAutomator, and powerful API’s to achieve the best performance. With many developers around the world building Android apps, we stand ahead in terms of app scaling, its diverse geographical adaptability, and slow connectivity issues.


It's a cross-platform app development solution. Purple Olive Labs employes another team of C# developers to create high performing app on Xamrin. Using Xamrin.Forms and Xamrin.iOS/Android, and plugins and libraries such as Plugin.CurrentActivity. Acr.Support and Acr.UserDialog, Plugins, libraries


Although less in demand, we maintain a skilled team of Hybrid app developers which uses Cordova(PhoneGap), AngularJS, Ionic or React Native Project. To ensure responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.  We create disruptive progressive web applications to even work on the 2G network and provide offline availability

Web Technologies

Moreover working with above platforms we also have a separate team for
Frontend technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and
Backend technologies: PHP, Python, Net, Java, JavaScript (NodeJS).
Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, backbone, AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS, MeteorJS.Symfony,
Databases: Oracle, Mysql, Microsoft,SQL

Industries We Serve

Purple Olive Labs understand the nerve of every industry and deliver specific solutions to strengthen your position in the market. Let's talk about some solutions we worked upon.


How you would get your employee get used to operating companies new equipment without losses and damages?
We implemented AR to give them supervised Training.
Created time tracker with signals for completion or remainder time to track employee ensuring high productivity.


Made the analysis result easily available for mobile devices with Analytics Tools. Data Privacy and encryption are the two cornerstones of the banking industry- Made the Data encryption tools to ensure 100% safety.


How to showcase your product in a more engaging way?
We created AR/3D model product catalog app. FIne tune the work of your trade marketing field forceWe created Trade marketing assistance.


How to equip your medical facility employee and your patients with a portable way of easy and fast communication?
We created In/Outpatient care app. Storing patients data on the server yet always have it at hand in an app.


In-app contract forms – Create a new subscriber’s contract in a minute, sign it electronically and store it on a server. Subscriber’s data analysis – Have special offers automatically applied to your contracts. Tariff plan calculators – Draw up a plan that suits the needs of your customers.


How would you track your shipment on phone sitting at home? We created logistic management app to track creation and dispatch of shipment. It also include supply chain management with end to end connectivity from vendor RFP to bill generation. It reduced cost helping in shipment cost optimisation.

Why You should Work With Us

We are Among the top 5%
Our Organization is a host to some of the worlds most distinguished and accomplished app developers. This sets us apart from other agencies and freelance app developers in Dallas. We chose from the top 5% to build our elite team.
We Work on Three Pillers of Quality
We strictly adhere to: System design, that supports your critical software needs; Clean, maintainable and scalable architecture and right technology selection to serve your long term business goals
Best in Class R&D Team
Our highly experienced result driven R&D expert will support you at every product development stage to ensure a smooth transition.
Strictly Adhere to Timeline & Budget
Every contract guarantees that we complete your project on time without any cost overrun. We also provide three-month post-launch maintenance services fixing critical bugs.

How We Work

This is how we turn your idea into reality

Step 1. Discovery

At Purple Olive Labs, we bring ideas to shape. We initiate a discovery meeting to understand your vision, which helps us choose technologies best suited for your project and create an effective roadmap.


Step 2. Prototype

Your time is valued! Your idea and our vision for your app are actualized in form of a prototype. It’s a way to improvise before we move on to the development phase. This is a sure-fire time saver.


Step 3. Agile Development

Based on the Agile-Scrum model, we chalk out sprint of 3 weeks each which includes schedule of status meetings, unit tests, and feedback sessions.


Step 4. Delivery, Deployement & Launch

After thorough testing, we set-up the app on your server, finalize third-party integration services, and hand over the final documentation. We also support you to keep bugs at bay!


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