You have an idea and ready to build an app for it?

Chances are, either you don't have the necessary skills required to develop your app or the time to sit down and make it work. Its because you have little to no understanding of coding, but you are still determined to bring your idea to life.

Moreover, learning how to code is a great step towards developing an app, but for most people learning code is not an option. You probably don't have time or you want to focus more energy on growing your business.sen

So what's the option now? - Hire an app developer.

This really seems a viable way to go, but you wouldn't want to get screwed by uncultured app developers.

In my long experience of building apps, 8 out of 10 startups which failed mentioned the wrong selection of app developer as the reason. Dallas is filled with numerous developers, selection criterion sets them apart. Caroline Woodhouse, CEO of Where4Events lost over $500000 to developers while trying to build her Where4Event app. According to her, you should never trust developers- Be sure you are outsourcing your project to the right developer.

Moreover, the recent logistic app we build had already lost $10000 on freelance developers before hiring us.

Without much fanfare, I would show you how to choose the right developer for your project and things you should know to be always at the advantage.

Past Experience and Work

Qualified and confident developers would be having a long list of masterpieces they have created till now. Their past work will give you insights whether they are fit for the skills you are looking for.

Look for the apps they have build in the past on app store/ play store. Take note of the reviews and ratings of their apps.

Duration is also important, how long they take to deliver?

Ask them the unforeseen challenges they faced during these projects and how did they solve them. Also experience in the same industry will be an added advantage.

This will help you determine weather they are reliable and can effectively respond to challenges to produce successful apps.

An experienced developer will actively participate in the discussion and will offer valuable inputs.

Technical Certification

Having technical skills is must for a developer, but how would you comprehend that past work was all done by him?

Having a technical certification is a sure shot call to make your decision smooth.  

Can develop apps that run on multiple platforms

Its better to know upfront the platform you want to develop your app for. Can they build apps for multiple platforms?

Even if you are planning for single platform launch, go for multiple platform expertise developers. Moreover, technology is evolving so fast that our development team needs to be future ready.

Ability to communicate

Ask about their level of communication.

How often they need to communicate?

What methods of communication do they use?

You would require a developer that communicate updates at lest once a week to track progress. Communicate between clients and developers play a vital role in success of project.

This can also be judged by how frequently they are replying to your messages or phone calls during hiring process. Try to figure out if they have genuine interest in your business and project ideas. If they do not appear to be active during this stage this can be a good indicator that how they will perform during development stage.

Also, ask them what tools they are using to track the project and for project management. A good developer will update you at every stage of the development process to make sure progress is meeting your expectation.


When it comes to mobile app development its important to not let the price drive your decision. Keeping within your budget constraints, let the quality of their previous work and their expertise decide whether or not they are right for the job.

Clear and flexible budget before agreeing on any pricing term is a must. A survey by Clutch revealed that mobile app development cost ranges between $30000 to $700,000, with median cost of $171,450. If budget is your concern then consider looking for an app development platform approach rather than full custom development.

While discussing the project functionality and feature list, remember to ask about the payment methods and payment terms. How do they calculate pricing? Is it full one time payment? Or would require payment at regular intervals?

Setting milestones is also important and method associated with each milestone. The projected the cost come with some extra expenses, make sure to accomodate them in development process.

Updates on progress/status of the work

Responsibility is worthier than talent.

With difference in time zones, especially for mobile app developers in India and client outside follow up is quite a task. Thus making sure that the developer you are going to work with keep you updated of the work and progress of the project.

Understanding of Agile approach

Iterative nature of development, is the need to stay focused. Its where agile method come into play. It guarantee incremental deliveries, enabling some benefits before the final delivery while the app is in progress.

Expertise in Agile approach to app development should be the first choice.

Technical clarity

Seniority does play a role but not at the expense of domain knowledge.

Don’t just look for the experience level, also go for the domain level expertise, the depth of understanding. This you can achieve by simple interviewing the candidate before final hiring.

Take the full control of the process right from the hiring stage to avoid further escalations.

Trusting anyone only with past projects can be detrimental for your project both in terms of cost and time.

Extent of innovation

“No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of continent.”

If you choose a creative mind, you always get inputs to productivity and efficiently move forward with your project, thereby attracting a larger audience base and making high ROI.

As we are living in a customer centric economy, everything thats loved by customer is a hit.

But to stand out you have to be innovative form the start.


Generally this aspect is ignored by many startups. But the chances are you have to  release updates, fix bugs or add new features from time to time after your first launch.

Therefore its important to understand companies policy around app maintenance and support.

Ask whether maintenance is charged at hourly rate or a monthly fee for ongoing support.

Some policy aspects related to the following are important to consider before arriving at any decision:

  • The cost per each new release
  • How they specifically handle bug fixes.
  • Their post launch support.

It is easily possible to get overwhelmed by the amount of choice in the app development market.

That’s why it is extremely important to thoroughly important to examine every aspect of relation beforehand.

A good firm or a freelance developer will have technical expertise, good communication skills, accountability, proven track record and most important enthusiasm to understand and envision your app idea.

At Purple Olive Labs we understand the process both for startups and enterprise software development. To know more about us get in touch with us today.